The Wii U is quickly turning into an enigma. After Nintendo unsurely promoted its console at E3 to confusion, not even relaying prices or a release date, publishers still remain confident in the console-maker’s ability to innovate. Securing heavyweight studios like BioWare and Rocksteady to the brand, and finally embracing third-party support, other entities have yet to show the same faith.

Namely Bethesda, whose marketing VP Pete Hines told MCV (as reported by that Bethesda’s “approach has been to put our games on all of the platforms that will support them.” He added, “So far the Wii hasn’t fitted into that. Whether the Wii U does down the road is TBD.”

The interview later entered murky territory reflecting Bethesda’s uneasiness with a new generation of consoles, particularly in dividing the audience between early and late adopters. The prolonged tenure of consoles justifies the hesitancy, because of how these machines have shifted from primarily gaming to entertainment hubs. Attached consumers are unlikely to hastily purchase another console, and that’s where Bethesda and other publishers need reassurance an eight-year gap will work out in the long run.

Though, beneficial to Nintendo, procuring the service of studios and publishers hasn’t been much trouble, even though interest in the Wii U has wavered. But being a tried-and-true name in this industry has its benefits, and since the Wii faced similar scrutiny and ended up massively outselling other machines, it isn’t unfounded to believe Nintendo could succeed.

Bethesda’s reluctance is not directed at Nintendo, but the Wii U is grabbing the spotlight first because it’s expected this year. The publisher will share that sentiment around the time Microsoft and Sony unveil their new consoles to the world. And since Bethesda have spoken, expect other big-time publishers to express their beliefs, too.

To the readers: With the prolonged generation, will the extra time hurt early game sales, or are publishers playing it safe? Voice your concerns below!

Image courtesy of TheGamersPad.

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