This is mildly depressing. Anyone living in Canada or along the Canadian-American border will understand, whilst the rest of the world won’t. It’s just so matter-of-fact I haven’t said anything more truthful in my entire life (except that Borderlands 2 is awesome).

There won’t be hockey this year.

That sentence is so disruptive, explosively demoralizing, villainous, evil, unjustifiable and insanely wrong on numerous levels. It’s like December 21 has arrived. Yes, I dare equate the hyperbolized end of the world to the loss of a National Hockey League season.

But as us Canadians weep feverishly, people are getting their hockey fix elsewhere. IGN reports that the latest incarnation of EA’s monopolized hockey series outpaced NHL12 by 9% the first week, with 350 online games played every minute on average, adding to 3.7 million games total. No doubt restless fans feel the winter winds as training camps were supposed to open tomorrow, as they dry heave pucks and frenziedly bash each other with hockey sticks.

Man, this winter is going to suck.

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  • Boo NHL!

    Heh, this is just stupid. The NHL never really fully recovered from the ’04-’05 season and they want to go through this again? Oh well. Doesn’t particularly matter to me, I just could never really get into the changes that were made and only causally follow it now. I still wish for a meteor to drop down on the Canuks and Avalanche though as any good Wild fan does.

    • Jeff

      As a sad Leafs fan I understand, but I’d rather see one fall on Montreal, Philadelphia and Ottawa. :D

      • ladyravengreen

        ^Preach! :-)

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