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In the video gaming world, this time is almost lame duck–as the world prepares for Nintendo’s Wii U, games continually spill out for its competitors. One of those competitors is particularly confident in its console’s ability to battle against Nintendo, as Sony reiterated its devotion to the PS3 through 2015.

Speaking with GameSpot, John Kollar, PlayStation’s VP of hardware and marketing, spoke positively about what is up next: “A lot of great content is coming. And over the next 2-3 years, the PS3 has got an incredible lineup.” The article goes on to note the exact thing happened to the PS2 as well (which still gets games from time-to-time).

Considering the staying power of this generation and the dramatic effort to attract Netflix users, this isn’t surprising news at all. In fact, it’s smart business to support an old console because the newfound consumer base won’t be willing to make the change. Presumably the same goes with Microsoft, although I see that company being more eager in pressuring consumers to adapt.

However, amid rumours about the projected release date for incoming consoles, supporting the PS3 until at least 2015 means Sony has the long term in mind. Given the eight-year cycle of the PS3, ten years or longer for another generation doesn’t seem like a stretch. The average gamer will complain, yes, but seeing as graphical capabilities are close to their limitations and the “entertainment” value of the machines, a decade-long cycle is possible if popularity and profit held.

Lots of information to dive through! But important to think about if to cement the future of consoles. Cheers guys.

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