In spirit of a site redesign, I wanted to lay out some preliminary things. Don’t worry, Holygrenade won’t ever be bogged down by bureaucracy. In fact, HG is so anti-rule we could be considered anarchist. Okay, I’m done.

Avid readers (if you exist) may notice a slight change for the site. That is in spirit of a new logo, an actual logo, and because, well, the previous WordPress theme I had didn’t allow for a custom logo. Which is important for a site (or so I’ve heard).

The overnight change took a couple of hours of frantic work, fuelled by a pot of coffee and conversation about Railroad Tycoon. But the change is here and staying for a while, or so I’m planning. I like the simplicity. Holygrenade is just a hobby site for me, so I didn’t want any spectacular design (or anything that would cost me hundreds of dollars to put together). It also marks the start of the site’s run of Raptr, a Facebook-like service for gamers, of which the page can be found here. I was invited to their Editorial Partners program and through that, supposedly, HG could generate upwards of 100,000 visitors per post. The last time I checked, that’s a lot of people.

Another stark difference will be the content offerings. I’m still working out the details but for right now I aim to have at least one post up every day, capped at about 600 words. Interluded between those will be interviews and previews, and the odd game review if I get so lucky as to get a free copy or purchase one on my own. Of course, guest submissions are always an option too, and one comes my way that’s worth posting it’ll likely go up as well. I just wanted to set some limits so as to not drive you guys off, but also give myself some guidelines because I had been operating Holygrenade quite frivolously up to now. That all changes.

Cheers guys, and enjoy your Thursday.

  • Matt

    If you figure out how to make Raptr generate traffic, let me know. I had no success :P

    I like this redesign. Slick, easy to read, elegant. Nicely done!

    Can I make one suggestion? Implement Disqus. It’s a far better way for people like me who spend a lot of time on a lot of sites to keep track of the topics I comment on.

    People love Disqus.

    • Jeff

      Oh yeah? I’ve seen sites use that. I’ll keep that in mind. And thanks for the compliment. Figured the theme was easier for people to read.

      As for Raptr, I was emailed to join their Editorial Partners program, and basically everything I submit is linked to a few groups with millions of followers. So I don’t know. The guy who emailed me said potentially I could have 100k on a post, but he never said my chances of that. To know you didn’t have success makes me a little hesitant. Awesome.

  • Chalgyr

    Looks fine by me – nifty on the Rapt page though – I hadn’t heard of that particular program before. I’ll likely be reading up on that, ’cause I think you’re right. 100,000 per post would seem like more than the few hundred I get, lol. Good deal though.

  • coffeewithgames

    “fuelled by a pot of coffee”

    This = winning. As for the site redesign, like Chalgyr said, it looks good to me. I am familiar with Raptr, but don’t frequent it enough to use it now.

    As for the custom logo mention, do you mean the Holy Grenade logo/text at the top, or something else? I have worked on multiple logo redesigns on/for CWG, and never published them, just enjoy trying to learn new effects in Photoshop and how to do things.

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