WiiU-logo1The verdict is in (for me) on Wii U.

Without a doubt, the Christmas shopping season is a tough one to meander. So many ads, products and deals can be overwhelming, and especially now that two new consoles are entering the fold. Nintendo’s Wii U, a console out on shelves but having a troublesome time relating to consumers, is in the middle of another console arms race. The machine has mostly been shunned by the buying public and miscategorized by stores, often thrown together with Wii bundles as some other peripheral.

The opposite could not be more true. And this December, Nintendo hopes to change that. The company announced a price drop yesterday on its 32GB model, from $349 to $299. Included also is a Wind Waker bundle, also priced at $299, that has a bunch of Zelda-inspired goodies. The price change will be enacted on September 20.

This news is positive, even if Nintendo will lose money on every unit sold. More consoles means a bigger download base, and in the long run, faith that profitability is on the horizon. Strictly controlling its own climate, all Nintendo can do is stand by and wait as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive. Knowing that, has the change convinced you to purchase a Wii U?

Personally, no. As a blogger, Wii U is one compelling case, but that’s where my interest stops. From what we’ve been shown so far, Nintendo has abandoned its muster. Even Super Smash Bros., a game that normally causes riots, had a muted response. Which was astonishing given that Mega Man is in the roster. Wii U just doesn’t have that explosiveness that has made other Nintendo consoles sparkle.

It is a case of one’s opinion though. The lineup sound impressive–Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem–but the excitement isn’t there. This price drop may be a precautionary measure so the 2014 lineup can be effective, or at least profitable. However the competition is particularly strong. Both Sony and Microsoft have indelible lineups; chiefly Microsoft with Titanfall. Novelty mixed with anticipation may overwhelm the poor Wii U this fall.

Nintendo can’t catch a break. I can say swaying my decision is what friends plan on getting too, as I can’t afford each one. Maybe one day, if this generation goes on for seven years or longer. Nintendo is in a rough spot should that happen, for the sake that right now, the public barely knows Wii U is not a gimmicky accessory. A confusing name is the likely culprit, but whatever the cause, Wii U was due for a price drop eventually.

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