I will always cherish my college experience. It will hopefully lead me to success and fortune later in life, or to somewhere down the road where I’m happy. The path there, though, has been full of problems. Mainly since I own a website I can’t produce content for, or have money to spend on games for review.

My program has so far has been project-heavy. Seemingly every week a major project is due, and that occupies much of my time. I haven’t had time to play games, mostly, except the odd League of Legends match where my team frustrates and forces us to lose.

This is especially terrible timing because the PS4 just launched (I assume you’ve heard). I haven’t had the chance to dive into what the system has or what games the system offers, except for brief stints with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Need for Speed Rivals. And to that point, I can’t afford a new machine because college sucks away any of my life savings.

I am writing this post though to announce this site is not dead. Just the next few weeks will be sporadic at best. Nearing Christmas, the site load will pick up considerably. I can promise you that. For now, I must work on other stuff. Hurrah.

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