Hello and welcome to Holygrenade! This is the personal blog of one Jeff, a writer and journalist. My goal here is to create a forum that spawns discussion about the future of the video gaming industry, video game journalism, and how technology affects the world.

I live around the Toronto area, in Canada where we actually have Internet. (And before you ask, I am a hockey-loving, Tim Hortons-drinking, sort-of-kind individual who doesn’t live in an igloo.) Most stereotypes do have a glimpse of truth and I’m proud to abide by some.

My gaming days started at the young age of eight, after I unraveled a neatly wrapped gift holding Pokemon Blue. Through a rough childhood I found solace and comfort in the many worlds gaming provided, almost breaking my original copy of Blue, and ever since I’ve frequented many more worlds over my playing career.

Alongside with gaming grew a passion for writing and gradually I put two and two together. That there is an industry built specifically for me, albeit with heavy baggage: signs of unprofessionalism, accusations of bias, etc. But the gaming industry is quickly becoming a cultural staple, and I strongly believe we’re on the precipice of a tectonic shift in the way it is viewed.

Consequently, Holygrenade is one of many sites realizing this shift and the plan is to explore many aspects of the publishing and development worlds of video games and the efficacy of games journalism. And how technology is shaping our modern world.

If you share this goal, please consider subscribing in the sidebar, and share any post you find interesting by clicking one of the buttons below that post. As well, email me at Holygrenadeblog@gmail.com.

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