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"Be in love" with homes

    "A jade in mouth makes the character guo, a house can’t have no roof , the country is large but in fact it is only a home."
    We love our home because home is our emotional habitat; We love our home because there is our loving family; We love our home because there is loving home affection. The home is a source of love, the convergence of love.
    I have read the article "sell the country" .A businessman dressed wealthy have bought the entire homeland from the villagers with boxes of gold .Villagers are very pleased to have so much money.They think they’ll never need to worry about their lives with so much gold. While they come back to the "home" ,they find their homes have gone.Only then have they felt so much money is useless for them.
    "Lisao" says “A long sigh is to cover tears .Sympathy for the people's livelihood is so difficult. "What can we do? We never had the heart to love our homes. The swales are piled up like a mountain of garbage; The river is seriously polluted; The chemical dyes make the land have no trees and grass; People cut down trees for self-interest......
    As a student ,I feel deeply regret. I failed to protect our homes. Throwing waste in the school are common occurrences, if everyone did this,what would be our "home"? There is no conscience for such people,!
    As a student,we should care for the environment, protect our homeland and devote our force to our country. We should love our homes so that the birds can stay in the forests, the fish can swim in the rivers. People reclaim wasteland in Nanshan and wait for the harvest in home.The fields only cover 10 acres and there are eight or nine thatched cottages. The elm and the willow make a shade for people.The peach and the pear blossom in the courtyard.The smoke is raising in a far village.It makes you feel warm . The dog is barking in the deep street.The cock is crowing on the tree.
    We need to work together to create such beautiful homes. Let our homes glow charming light.Let’s “be in love” with our homes.
Little things make harmonious home.


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