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My low carbon and my happiness

     Now, because of industrialization and excessive exploitation, earth has sent a dangerous signal, such as violent eruption of the volcano, violent sandstorm, strong tsunami. Nature is destroyed by human beyond recognition, and on the verge of death or destruction. At the same time human being is awakened to protect the natural environment. Humans began to awaken gradually. Do not think that low carbon is so mysterious, and think low is far away from us. In fact, low carbon is all around us, and our daily lives follow like a shadow. In order to keep pace with the times, we also have a low carbon life.
  What is low carbon life? We should start from our life. We must start first from the life of the electric, for example, TV, computer, household appliances are not in standby mode after use .To develop the good habit of using two times water, when you wash your hands, the water is not too large, which can not only save water, but also wash your hands cleanly Do not shoot two hawks with one arrow. For a long time, little by little, it will save a lot of water. Low carbon is everywhere in the study. A piece of paper has his own value. Saving half of the paper can not cut down half of the forest. This is a huge number.
  In fact, low carbon is on our side; low carbon is just in front of us. Low carbon is a kind of fashion. It is also a kind of Philosophy. I hope every people on earth have to follow the fashion, and do green low carbon practice.
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