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On my own site, I think I’m allowed a little shameless advertising. Hence the existence of this tab.

If you’ve clicked here, you like my work! I appreciate that! I will take your admiration kindly and store it away for safe keeping, to pull on a rainy day when I need a confidence boost. (If, you know, admiration was something tangible.) Anyway, to the topic at hand: you like the content here on Holygrenade and wish to have it appear on your site. I’m the man to talk to, one Jeff Heilig, the face behind this wonderful little slice of the Internet.

I am trying to make it as a games writer or journalist, whatever your preferred title, and finding opportunities is immeasurably difficult. That’s why I am going to show my infinite gratitude for the chance to show off my talents. And, if one day it leads to an employment opportunity, I will show even more of my gratitude by buying us lunch. As a thank you. With money. That you’re paying me. Now I’m hungry.

Should you wish to bring on his devilishly handsome guy from the Internet to your outlet, please use the contact form below. I also do one-off jobs, like interviews and previews. And even reviews! Except you’ll likely have to provide a copy of any game since my bank account is always empty. It’s a chronic problem.

In a followup email we can discuss rates and all the auxiliary information. And thanks again, truly!

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