I appreciate your interest in writing for Holygrenade! As a growing site, it’s difficult to attract awesomely talented writers and thinkers. Especially since I can’t pay for articles. But I hope that won’t deter you from at least showing interest in building a site which game enthusiasts turn to for insight and discussion on past, current, and unreleased games. We haven’t reached that point yet, but I firmly believe we can.

The mission:

If you’ve read to this point, you’re still interested. Many thanks! Anyway, the point of any content published on Holygrenade is to grasp games on a deeply anatomical level. To analyze what makes a game work and not work. As well, I’m also searching for stories of emotion. How games impact us intangibly. How we feel when playing in addition to what we see when playing.

Info to Include:

If you wish to have your work published on the site, by all means shoot me an email with a short summary. I can’t pay for anything published, but I can offer you a great byline and some backlinks to your personal blog or site.

The email should include a short summary of your piece, projected word length, and any additional thoughts or questions. I prefer submissions to be 800-1000 words, and for you to include any pictures ready for publishing. Please don’t send your full work right away; a prompt works best.

If you submit a written piece to me, it must be original and exclusive to Holygrenade. It cannot be published anywhere else, unless with my permission (but usually I’ll say yes). You consent to this by sending me an email.

Likewise, I can also offer my services to you. I’m always seeking opportunities to publish my work on other sites. We can discuss the details in any followup email.


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